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Liz Roncka is a performing artist working in the genres of movement improvisation and contemporary dance. She is an accomplished solo artist and teacher whose work has been presented across the United States and internationally in France, and Hungary since 1991. Liz has performed original work at a range of prominent venues including the Dance Theater Workshop, Center for Performance Research, Five Myles, and Spoke the Hub in New York City, Canaldanse, Kiosque Flottant, Chez Adel  and Galerie G in Paris, the Ludwig Museum and MU Szinhaz in Budapest, and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston University, the Boston Center for the Arts, and the New England Conservatory in Boston.  She has taught internationally at Canaldanse in Paris and locally at Green Street Studios, Boston College, Bridgewater State College, the American College Dance Festival and currently at Boston University.

​Photo: K. Diaz

Liz Roncka

Movement Improvisation

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